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Wealth Inequality in America

  • 0:19 Washington Center for Equitable Growth
  • 0:32 APS Association for Psychological Science
  • 0:43 Pew Research

Wealth Gap in America by Race and Gender

US Prisons: Overpopulated

Falling Short in Public Education

Voting: Tradition and Wealth

Food in America

The Lows of Higher Education

Foster Care System Tied to Economics

Faces of Homelessness

Social Safety Nets

The Effect of Wealth Inequality on Education

Access to Healthcare

0:43 Data from Peter G. Peterson Foundation

0:54 Data according to The Commonwealth Fund

Democrazy: A Skewed System

Laurence Lessig’s Ted Talks can be found at

Stagnant Wages

0:06 Data According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Americans Earning the Federal Minimum Wage

0:17 Data According to the The U.S. Bureau of Statistics

Reentering Society After Incarceration

The Skewed Reality of Prison Sentencing