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When people don’t have health care, everyone is affected. Not being able to obtain health insurance for some can lead to negative effects for not only the individuals who are uninsured, but for others as well, according to a report from The US National Library of Medicine.

So, who else does it affect? The suppliers. Physicians may not be reimbursed for their hard work when a client cannot afford the bill. This occurs when patients do not have insurance coverage. Private practice doctors may be available at any hour and may be able to make house calls for their services. However, only the individuals with financial stability can afford this luxury.

As the services are funded through a number of different ways, the government maintains them through grants and assistance, even utilizing private donations.

Less than a quarter of donations in the United States go to social services targeted towards civil liberties like food programs, housing and safety services for children, according to Giving USA.

The US Department of Health and Human Services is where the government aids the funding of social services. When the government cannot contribute their proposed amount of funding, it’s up to the community, and others, to aid these organizations that desperately need finances.